June 17, 2015

The Project

Community policing allows the police and the community to work together in new ways to solve problems of crime, disorder and safety, contributing to improving the quality of life for everyone in that community. The INSPEC2T project’s scope is to develop a sustainable framework for community policing that effectively addresses and promotes seamless collaboration between the police and the community. In recent years, police forces have become increasingly present on social media (having Twitter and Facebook accounts), and have embraced cyber-based social media for monitoring and investigating crime. Nonetheless, challenges have remained with the ability to facilitate interaction between the police and the community. The trend and role of social media is crucial in the development of the community policing paradigm. Information has increasingly become a public asset, and is shared faster and with more people. More often than not, the police are not the first at the scene of crime, while bystanders share photos and information with the world. The project will take an innovative approach to the concept of community policing by making use of the trends enabled by the introduction and wide adoption of social media. In this way, the informed, educated and equipped (with a smartphone) citizen will contribute to the safety and security of the neighbourhood.

community flow chart

INSPEC2T will evolve traditional thinking through the development of a more interactive mode of policing towards:

  • motivating citizens to engage, participate and contribute to community policing activities
  • making the cities, and safety and security in the city, more transparent and readable, in an ethical fashion
  • bringing communities (citizens and public and private organisations) closer to the police
  • increasing transparency, trust and police accountability
  • creating a bi-directional flow, through reporting by citizens and alert messaging for them
  • providing to the public (not-classified) information about urban dynamics
  • seamlessly fusing many sources of information from other networks and media
  • facilitating the day-to-day operations of police forces
  • increasing community awareness and enhancing safety and security

inspect slide 1

The INSPEC2T project will deliver a real time two-way communication platform for citizens and police, which will allow for:

  • dissemination of information from police to the public
  • gathering of information from the public, e.g. information on threats of mob violence, riots or isolated criminal activity during otherwise-lawful mass demonstrations
  • provision of information to citizens in real time about any incident in their neighbourhood
  • reporting of information from members of the public to the police by a simple post, comment, photo or video captured on mobile smart devices

The system will be demonstrated and validated in five European test sites. The results of the trials will be recorded, analysed and will feed into the Next Generation Community Policing Roadmap.