The Preston Test Case

Lancashire Constabulary, November 2017

INSPEC2T’s series of five test cases concludes with the Preston pilot, led by Lancashire Constabulary. As an INSPEC2T end-user partner, Lancashire Constabulary is seeking to use the latest technology and policing practices to enhance their engagement methodology and processes. Officers in Preston are actively using social media to engage with their communities and 644,000 people are currently following Lancashire Constabulary on social media.

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) will hold the Preston INSPEC2T pilot over a three-day period from 21st – 23rd November 2017. The pilot will focus on issues typically faced by students in the areas where they live, work and socialise. For many people starting University this will be their first time living away from home and Lancashire Police have been using UCLan Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the local messaging system  ‘In The Know’, to update students about events and  give them advice about keeping safe.

Currently, UCLan has over 200 students who are studying for a degree in policing. Some of them, alongside Masters and Forensic Science and Policing Degree students, will be involved. We are expecting approximately 50 students to participate in the pilot, which will include a training session for participants and an evaluation process.

The scenarios tested during the pilot will include theft, drugs, criminal damage, anti-social behaviour, mental health and violent crime. We will use these scenarios to test the following areas of the INSPEC2T solution:

  • incident and intelligence reporting, including the sharing of photographs and videos
  • information sharing
  • organising surveys
  • arranging meetings with community officers
  • sending reports to partner agencies

On 9th October 2017, we launched a six-week social media awareness raising promotional campaign to provide updates about the INSPEC2T project and encourage students to take part in the pilot.

A survey will be launched to identify students’ issues and concerns and their preferred engagement channels. They will also receive crime prevention information about key issues, such as:

  • Personal safety
  • Security of property
  • Responsible drinking / Safety in licenced premises
  • Alcohol-related violence
  • Sexual offences
  • Student Support Services/ mental health services

Prior to the promotional campaign, the University of Central Lancashire Students Union held an initial  Welcome Week, starting Monday 18th September 2017, which comprised of a number of social events for new students to become acquainted with the campus and surrounding city.

The Preston Neighbourhood Policing Team attended these events in order promote INSPEC2T and the Resource Force serious game with the help of our #Freshers2017 mascot.

During the week officers engaged with the new students and as a result we had an additional 182 likes on our UCLan Facebook page, giving us a total reach of  36,470. We have had new followers on Twitter, giving us on average a 2900 reach per day and, since then, we have 24 new ‘In The Know’ accounts created specifically for UCLan students.

Please contact for more information on the Preston Pilot.


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