July 12, 2015

Relevant Projects and Initiatives


ATHENA Project

The ATHENA project is a grant-funded European Commission, 7th Framework Programme security themed research project, led by West Yorkshire Police. West Yorkshire Police are the first ever UK police service to lead such a project of this size, scale and scope. Launched in December 2013, the three year project’s aim is to utilise media communications and develop tools to enhance the ability of citizens and first responders in crisis situations. With ATHENA’s citizen safety focus and practitioner-led approach, the project shall help empower citizens, keeping them safe and making them feel safer. The goal of the ATHENA project is to enable and encourage users of new media to contribute to public and individual security in crisis situations. The project places considerable importance on the involvement of a variety of end-users in order to identify diverse needs and concerns, which are then fed into the development process.


TARGET Project

The TARGET project is a research and innovation project implementing the Pan-European platform for serious gaming and training call funded under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Commission. The project began in May 2015 and will run until April 2018. The mission of TARGET is to develop, trial and assess a comprehensive open distributed pan-European Platform for serious gaming leveraging state-of-the-art decision support tools, for the training and competence assessment of Security Critical Agents (SCA) including counterterrorism units, border guards and first responders (police, firefighters, ambulance services, civil security agencies or critical infrastructure operators). TARGET favours joint development of serious gaming Training Content (TC) and collaborative transnational training. TARGET will trigger the emergence of a marketplace for sharing, licensing and paying for serious TC between SCA, leveraging the existing European wealth of exercises.​