April 23, 2017


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Public Deliverables

  • D1.1 Report on best Practices in Community Policing and Gap Analysis
    This deliverable researched community policing best practices and provided a gap analysis. A tripartite structure was developed: the literature was analysed and main findings about CP were summarised, best practice examples of CP from the participating partners were collected and similar structured surveys were conducted to address four different target groups. The respective findings of this survey – as well as the findings of the other three conducted surveys, formed the basis for the description of the End User requirements.View Deliverable
  • D1.2 End User Requirements - 1st SAG Report
    This deliverable presents an overview of community policing, the INSPEC2T approach and the SOTA planned for introduction. External stakeholder group opinions on proposed functionalities are documented. General Public Survey analysed and main outcomes are noted. Similar analysis is included for NGO/Social workers and Police academics. All user requirements are identified, classified and documented.View Deliverable
  • D1.3 Use cases framework and training requirements Plan
    This deliverable presents use case scenarios, i.e. stories on the intended use of the INSPEC2T Next Generation Community Policing solution, to facilitate the building and testing of the INSPEC2T system. In addition, it provides examples of current police systems and social media platforms currently in use to support police work in general or community policing specifically. Lastly, the deliverable provides a framework for the training plan that will ensure that every actor/end-user the will be involved in one of the pilots becomes familiar with the system.View Deliverable
  • D2.1 Social and Cultural Aspects of Community Policing
    The deliverable analyses the concept of “community” from a wide array of perspectives, including sociological and ethnological framings, economical and criminological approaches towards it, as well as evolving notions of “virtual” communities and digital forms of community representations. It showcases the identified social and cultural dimensions affecting Community Policing initiatives, highlighting the specific attributes and local peculiarities of indicative European countries, which are considered in the INSPEC2T system. View Deliverable
  • D2.2 Legal and Ethical dimensions of INSPEC2T System
    This deliverable aims at providing a first general analysis of the legal and ethical framework. The legal framework analysis covers four key areas: fundamental rights, LEAs and security, data protection and transparency, and ICT. The ethical framework leverages the results of six focus groups analysed within a four-tier framework: desirability, acceptability, ethics and data management. The report also forecasts a set of challenges and offers recommendations to address them.View Deliverable
  • D2.3 Security/Privacy considerations on INSPEC2T System
    This deliverable utilises a combination of literature review, focus group discussions and Law Enforcement Agencies’ (LEAs) departmental policy documents and identifies privacy and data security issues that are relevant to the design and implementation of the INSPEC2T system. The document provides a list of 18 design considerations and 30 recommendations, forming the privacy and data security specifications to be followed in the design and implementation of the INSPEC2T.View Deliverable
  • D2.4 CP taxonomy & INSPEC2T Integrated model
    This deliverable provides a taxonomy of Community Policing and the INSPEC2T Integrated Model. The taxonomy gives an overview of different forms of Community Policing (e.g. possible actors, roles and actions) and the INSPEC2T Integrated Model assimilates the body of knowledge, resulting from previous deliverables, and translates it into tangible blocks of guidelines. In this way, the taxonomy and the INSPEC2T Integrated Model bridge between the more “research oriented” and “system development” work packages. Both the taxonomy and the INSPEC2T Integrated Model provide concrete pointers for the next tasks.View Deliverable
  • D3.4 2nd SAG meeting report
    This deliverable report the comments and feedback from the second external committee workshop. The proposed system prototypes were demonstrated to external members to seek expert’s guidance for improving the INSPEC2T. These suggestions and comments were translated into user requirements, functional requirements and finally technical requirements which were implemented in the development phase.View Deliverable
  • D4.4 Delivery of the training module and documentation V1
    A training module was developed to facilitate the training of Law Enforcement Agencies Operators (LEAO) and their familiarization with the INSPEC2T platform. This module comprises of a Content Management (CMS) Web portal and a Simulator application. The CMS portal is used to store and offer to LEA operators training material for the INSPEC2T solution while the Simulator is an application which trainers are using to create and execute training scenarios simulating the reports submitted by citizens during incidents.View Deliverable
  • D7.2 INSPEC2T Web-site
    This deliverable presents the current web site. View Deliverable

Confidential Deliverables

The following summaries of the project’s confidential deliverables are available to registered members. To view or download any of the documents please register. By registering, you will receive updates on the INSPEC2T project.

  • D3.1 Architecture and Design Specifications V1
  • D3.2 Design of INSPEC2T awareness CP serious game
  • D3.3 Rapid Prototype evaluation results and assessment
  • D3.5 Architecture and Design Specification V2
  • D4.3 INSPEC2T Backend integration V1
  • D7.1 Dissemination plan V1
  • D7.3 INSPEC2T Communication and Awareness plan V1
  • D7.4 INSPEC2T Brochure, poster and newsletters V1
  • D7.5 INSPEC2T Exploitation plan V1
  • D7.7 Dissemination plan V2
  • D7.9 INSPEC2T Communication and Awareness plan V2
  • D7.11 INSPEC2T Brochure, poster and newsletters V2
  • D8.1 Quality Assurance Plan
  • D8.2 Quality Assurance Report V1
  • D8.3 External Expert Panel Reports V1
  • D8.5 External Expert Panel Reports V2