June 17, 2015


The INSPEC2T project will provide good practice procedures that law enforcement agencies and communities can adopt in order to promote effective community policing and successfully exploit its benefits. In furtherance of this goal, the project has the following objectives:


Strengthened community policing:

  • The INSPEC2T project will develop a creative and sustainable solution for community policing, built upon personal relationships and two-way communication, which takes into account social, cultural, ethical and legal dimensions.


Engage and empower the community:

  • The system will build trustworthy relationships between police departments and a motivated and skilled community through the delivery of a more personalised service, allowing citizens to collaborate in setting the police agenda.


Communicate to collaborate:

  • Accelerated communication and information sharing enables collaboration, resulting in early identification of risks and better crime intelligence.


Increased awareness & prevention:

  • The system will result in improved crime prevention thanks to increased awareness, early identification and timely intervention.