INSPEC2T – Supporting LEAs in facing the challenge of a new era

Valencia Local Police, December 2016

After a long implementation of community police officers into our cities, this relationship has strengthened and enhanced. It covers new competencies and overcomes certain citizen reticence in various fields. The police figure is fully involved in the daily life of the neighbourhood, and constitutes itself as a consultant and contributing figure of society.

Several relevant functions helped to identify the community police officers as an essential, logical, more preventive and less corrective, proactive police:

  • Conflict resolution without the need to go to court – Police mediation.
  • Close collaboration with educational establishments: preventive training on matters related to citizen security in order to create awareness and prevention (harassment, citizen coexistence, equality, etc.).
  • Protection of gender-based violence victims through discretionary surveillance of their homes.
  • Direct contact with social representatives, channeling their demands and responding to them.

Despite the above, the evolution of society requires a larger number of communication channels; not only personal “face-to-face” contact or connection by telephone with the community police officers. The communication of complaints and claims has long demanded the use of new technologies as a dynamic way of transmitting citizen concerns and as a bidirectional way of communication between the police and the plaintiffs.

INSPEC2T provides the opportunity to realise this channel of communication, which is absent nowadays. It helps to implement the new technologies in favor of an acceleration of the communication between the mentioned actors. The possibility of sending images and videos regarding criminal acts, and of communicating to the complainants the resolution of them in real time, leads to a new dimension of conflict resolution never seen before. All thanks to the speed with which the use of the Internet and social media has spread as a communication tool.

The main problem of our society is the digital divide that separates two generations of citizens that have lived in times of different conditions. The younger generations who have grown up with democracy, in a social environment of freedoms and options of integral access to the new technologies, have developed their life adjusting to the new technologies. On the other side, the older generations of our society are distant to technology platforms such as the Internet and this situation is hard to overcome.

This is why the challenge is doubled:

  • On one hand, it is our duty to improve the provision of the established police service, such as community police officers, through channels appropriate to the time in which we live, strengthening links with our neighbors using these new tools. Despite this, the effort to familarise citizens will be an obstacle that INSPEC2T will help us to overcome, as the beginning of a new direction in citizen-police bidirectional communication.
  • On other hand, the initial reluctance to use new communicative channels should be treated not with the aim of replacing the usual channels of contact, but adding new options for direct communication to existing ones.

INSPEC2T is the perfect tool to make a leap into the future which is ALREADY our present.