INSPEC2T Awareness games taking shape

PlayGen, June 2017

The INSPEC2T awareness games are being further optimised to increase engagement and enhance their content. As such the game development team at PlayGen together with four of our pilot cities have been focusing on extensive user testing of the two games; ‘Resource Force’ and ‘Photo Challenge’. With emphasis on reaching out to real end users and gaining insights and feedback, we are improving the games, enhancing their effectiveness and making them more enjoyable.

Resource Force Screenshots

By testing the games with the target audience we’re validating whether the games are meeting their purpose. The game Resource Force, aims to teach citizens about the limited resources that police forces have and the positive impact citizens could have by supporting their local policing team. Photo Challenge, attempts to raise awareness of possible crimes that could be exploited by criminals, and familiarise players with the process of reporting crimes through taking photos.

Between March and April 2017, we took the games to 4 of the pilot cities (Belfast, Groningen, Preston and Valencia) to test with local students, officers and residents. The games were played by 61 people from which we received over 400 pieces of individual feedback, including new features players wanted, some they did not enjoy and a lot of new content that they would like to see in the game to make it more relevant to their area.

Players Playing Awareness Game in Belfast, April 2017

During each testing session, players were monitored to see how they would react to the game, the majority had never seen the game before, allowing us to identify aspects of the game that work well, but more importantly, parts that did not work. Many of the players who were not aware of INSPEC2T or the games, provided informative feedback about how to improve the games.

Players Testing Awareness Games in Valencia, April 2017

After reviewing the feedback and the reaction from the players, development efforts have shifted solely to Resource Force as it has shown far greater potential for awareness raising than Photo Challenge, without some of the ethical and privacy concerns of the latter.  Moving forward, we are expanding Resource Force to appeal to more users, containing many more scenarios and fully developing the extensible adaptable game editor to support future updates.

Resource Force will be ready for its full public release by the beginning of September 2017, ready in time for Freshers week at universities.