Engagement in Lancashire

Lancashire Constabulary, January 2017

As a partner within the INSPEC2T project, Lancashire Constabulary is seeking to use the latest technology and policing practices to enhance our engagement methodology and processes. Lancashire Constabulary aims to involve people in active engagement to promote legitimacy and transparency, achieve operational and investigative benefits, and improve satisfaction and confidence. Effective public engagement feeds straight into the heart of the Constabulary’s mission – to keep people safe from harm, to make them feel safe, particularly the most vulnerable.

Our vision is to increase trust and confidence in Lancashire Constabulary through inclusive and meaningful engagement with communities, resulting in developing a shared and common purpose to keep people safe and make them feel safe.

Here in Lancashire Constabulary we take engagement seriously. It is a core function for local policing teams’ at street level and is a strategic priority.

  • Lancashire Constabulary encourages active participation by the public to influence activities and decision making;
  • Engagement is on the terms of the public, through a variety of channels;
  • Different methods of engagement are appropriate for different groups and for different themes

Lancashire Constabulary is leading the pilot of the INSPEC2T solution in Preston. The target group of the Preston pilot will be the 30,000 students from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) who live and socialize in the city of Preston.

Officers in Preston are actively using both social media and our local messaging service Stay In The Know to engage with their communities and develop a shared and continued responsibility and a common sense of purpose. Lancashire Constabulary currently has a set of dedicated student channels, including Facebook, Twitter and a Weichat account to engage with people from the Chinese Community.

INSPEC2T will compliment this ongoing engagement, providing an additional platform on which to engage with a vast number of students in one go. The Constabulary will use the INSPEC2T platform to:

  • Identify issues and concerns relating to the student population;
  • Inform the student population about what we are doing and why we are doing it;
  • Publish news and information;
  • Appeal for help in solving crime and to find missing people;
  • Send out warnings and information to assist people in protecting themselves when the need arises;
  • Encourage conversation, feedback and challenge the Police where appropriate;
  • Deliberate conversations

Further information on the Preston pilot is available in the 3rd INSPEC2T newsletter, available here