July 12, 2015

CP Survey


Survey on Community Policing – General Public


We would like to request feedback from members of the general public via the respective questionnaire, following the links below. This survey forms part of the INSPEC2T Project’s research on Community Policing (CP) as part of wider policing activities and the role of social media and IT applications in police-citizens communication.

The attached survey should be answered by the general public – not by the police. With this survey we want to find out if and how the general public are involved in CP.

We appreciate your participation in this research and assure you that the strict ethical rules of Horizon 2020 research will fully apply. Part of which is that confidentiality will be strictly adhered to and that absolute anonymity of respondents is assured.

English: http://vicesse.eu/survey/index.php/948395/lang-en

Dutch: http://vicesse.eu/survey/index.php/948395/lang-nl

German: http://vicesse.eu/survey/index.php/948395/lang-de

Greek: http://vicesse.eu/survey/index.php/948395/lang-el

Spanish: http://vicesse.eu/survey/index.php/948395/lang-es