June 17, 2015

Associate Partners / Advisory Groups

Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG)


The INSPEC2T project has ensured the engagement of various stakeholders involved in the field of Law Enforcement and Community Policing, in addition to volunteers and active citizens groups, both within the project itself (as consortium partners), and externally. The SAG will provide advice and views directly to Consortium Members. The primary role of the SAG is to represent the views of their constituents to the Consortium on all matters involved in the research and development of the INSPEC2T solutions. Furthermore, some SAG members will fully support the execution of the test cases of the developed system, and will provide their necessary infrastructure and personnel to test and evaluate the INSPEC2T system.

All efforts have been done in order to achieve a fair gender balance among the SAG.

SAG activities will be conducted by invitation of the members to dedicated project meetings and their involvement in the dedicated INSPEC2T events (workshops, etc.) and the INSPEC2T project team will ensure their strong involvement specifically in the following activities:

  • Participate and contribute to meetings with the INSPEC2T consortium to improve knowledge on present status and needs of the Community Policing
  • Provide expertise to inquiries on specific questions relevant to their stakeholder type
  • Attend and actively participate in the Use Cases and to related workshops with all expenses covered by the Consortium budget, supporting the validation and exploitation of the Project’s outcomes.
  • Disseminate through our organisation’s network the INSPEC2T outcomes.


External Experts Group (EEG)


A team formed by external experts on Ethical, Legal and Privacy issues from Academic and Law Enforcement Agencies, will comprise INSPEC2T External Experts Group (EEG), led by Dr Lilian Mitrou (Chair of the Council of the European Union Justice and Home Affairs Working Group on Information Exchange and Data Protection (DAPIX)-Professor at Aegean University of Greece with expertise in Privacy and Data Protection Legislation). The EEG will be established at the beginning of the project in order to advise the project on issues of data privacy, potential for infringement of human rights, personal data collection, misuse of technologies developed and assess key deliverables of INSPEC2T.

In a nutshell, the synthesis of the consortium including full and associated will ensure:

  • Optimum coverage on the Societal, Legal, Ethical and Privacy view of the CP topic and relevant research
  • Extensive dissemination network
  • Active stakeholders participation
  • High quality of technological application (beyond SOTA)
  • Addressing both LEAs and Communities
  • High level of awareness in CP in related EU and abroad stakeholders