Inspiring CitizeNS Participation for Enhanced Community PoliCing AcTions

The Project

The Project INSPEC2T (Inspiring CitizeNS Participation for Enhanced Community PoliCing AcTions) is a three-year project that started in May 2015.

INSPEC2T (Inspiring CitizeNS Participation for Enhanced Community PoliCing AcTions) is a three-year project that started in May 2015. The project is funded by the European Commission, under the “H2020-FCT-2014 Ethical/Societal Dimension Topic 2: Enhancing cooperation between law enforcement agencies and citizens - Community policing” call.
INSPEC2T projects’ scope is to develop a sustainable framework for Community Policing that effectively addresses and promotes seamless collaboration between the police and the community.
INSPEC2T approach bases its conceptual foundations on EU crime prevention and Member States specific Internal Security Policies, validated research results and best practices from cooperation between police and local, regional and national communities. This is perceived as an origin to apprehend special characteristics, particularities and determinants for trust between all stakeholders.
INSPEC2T will be demonstrated and validated in 5 EU cities by a wide range of relevant stakeholders.
INSPEC2T engagement and active participation is stimulated through fully dynamic, interactive and immersive training Serious Game applications that empower players to familiarise themselves with the system, gain an intuitive understanding of its functionalities and motivate their engagement in Community Policing activities.
Special focus will be given to Community Policing awareness raising activities for both police and citizens. The above activities and associated results, will provide a solid foundation for the evolution of the Next Generation Community Policing roadmap in Europe.

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Expected impact of INSPEC2T

INSPEC2T will culminate in a paradigm shift in which law enforcement agencies will serve and protect as ‘embedded’ members of the community instead of merely enforcing the law on the community.

The INSPEC2T project will have a positive impact on societies and community policing in the following ways:


  • Better community policing through more effective and efficient tools, procedures and approaches that match the needs and requirements of users.
  • INSPEC2T will deliver awareness raising activities, a communication platform and training solutions. Each of these will accommodate for underlying societal, cultural, ethical and legal principles.
  • Improved early warning and identification of public safety and security risks.
  • Enhanced crime reporting by allowing citizens and community to report incidents and perceived offences/crime more efficiently and effectively.
  • More proficient timely intervention, as more accurate and efficient information is available, which also impacts the process of crime solving indirectly.
  • Strengthened and accelerated communication (and collaboration) between citizens and police forces.
  • Strengthened community cohesion and a reduction in feelings of insecurity


The INSPEC2T consortium consists of eighteen partners from eight European countries.

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